Matthew Schwam

Think Again

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Unique Inner Power is one of your first great gifts from the universe providing you with a fabulous foundation to live your life as intended. Unique IP comes with the gift of life itself and is yours forever.
The gift does not perform for you, but rather, it is there to inform you, guide you, and provide you with a platform of ideas and feelings to allow you to grow into your own greatness.
Your “Inner Power thoughts” (or “IP thoughts”) are the thoughts that support Unique IP and position you to fully tap into your true powers and be your best self. While the foundation for Unique IP is set for you at birth, the opportunities to strengthen and add to your basis represent the infinite possibilities of your life. Like Unique IP, IP thoughts are inside of you, but IP thoughts represent your thinking about your Unique IP. Since thoughts are largely in your control, the more aware and confident you are in IP thinking, the more you will nurture and advance your Unique IP.

Ego thoughts, on the other hand, are thoughts from the outside world that typically work against your IP thoughts, forcing you to question your own truth. Understanding the ways in which your mind works will protect you from ego-driven, fear-based thoughts that are constantly challenging you. As you think, you speak, and for this reason, you will want to bring Unique IP thoughts to words and actions while cutting ego thoughts at awareness, hence, denying them access to your precious mind space and vocabulary.

Learn to observe yourself as if you were floating weightlessly on a cloud above your physical body, observing feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. When you tell stories about your thoughts, you speak your truth, and when you are aligned with God, you attract powerful, like-minded people to you. As you observe yourself, you learn about how and where your life is aligning. If you recognize your thought process, you might discover that all of your ideas align with love and God but are often conflicted by those that align with outside fear and ego. The better you become at seeing and separating your thoughts, the further you will uncover the distinctions between positive and negative thinking.
Your ego thoughts exist in the world to challenge your IP thoughts. As soon as you start removing and replacing ego thoughts with IP thoughts, you will immediately guide your life to its greatest potential. Fear, doubt, and worry thoughts can be properly used by understanding the lessons and converting to love-based thinking. For example, when you lose a loved one, you can take your feelings of sadness, convert those feelings into a deeper love-based understanding, and eventually use that positive energy to help others who are mourning by showing your compassion and sharing your personal experience. The way forward will be learned when you gain the power of choosing love over fear. For every ego-driven negative thought, there is an equally powerful opposing God-driven thought.
You get to choose your thoughts. If you make a mistake the first time, you get to think again until you get it right.
Thinking thoughtfully through the moments of your life allow you to author your own book and to be the storyteller of your story. You are the leader of your life.  This book is the result of my unwillingness to accept a life of mediocrity and my ability to Think Again.
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