A Change In Plans, Thomas A.Cummings
Thomas A.Cummings

A Change In Plans

Pete felt from an early age that he was born for the married life. He thought he had finally found the “perfect” girl. Little did he know that on his wedding day he would have, “A Change in Plans,” by way of being stranded at the altar with only a note left behind by his would-be bride. In an effort to uplift his depressed state, his friends strongly encourage him to still take advantage of his honeymoon trip to Las Vegas. The empty seat on the plane where his wife should have been is occupied by a mysterious woman named Elizabeth. She reveals that she is taking the trip in order to claim her deceased father’s body. Shortly after arriving at the airport, Pete unknowingly finds himself kidnapped by a local mobster, confronted by the FBI, and chased by the police all on the first day of what was to be his honeymoon. With the FBI and the mobster hot on their coattails, Pete and Elizabeth discover that they must work together in order to find their own individual redemption before it is too late.
416 printed pages
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