Stephanie Joy

Butterfly Effect

The Portal Jumper Series continues with Book Two in the Effects Trilogy. Hope left Earthto return to her home and the family she lost, but Serren's return is a threat to them all…

She was a victim, locked up and drugged, your average, everyday girl suffering from extreme depression and self-doubt. But all that changed when she escaped and realized she had a power no one expected, and came from a world beyond her wildest dreams.

In an attempt to protect Jack and her friends, Hope returns to Florida to save them from Serren, an evil being capable of the blackest magic imaginable, on a quest to capture Hope and destroy the worlds of Man. Chased across countries and worlds, Hope must fight against loss, and find the one who can help her unlock the deep well of power she holds within to eradicate Serren once and for all. When she learns the truth of Guardian magic, the knowledge changes not only her own path, but Jack's as well, and the two must work together to bring the light that will end the darkness.
358 printed pages
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