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CREATING GOOD HEALTH! This book follows THE ALTERNATIVE: Your Family's Guide To Wellness Volume I, First-Aid & Common Conditions. It takes you on a similar journey to quickly understand and utilize the most well-known and accepted methods of natural, holistic, alternative medicines available today.

It is your handy reference manual to readily find complementary methods of treating dozens of Dis-Ease Conditions for you and your loved ones of all ages.

Revealed is a system of medicine accepted and widely practiced in many countries around the world that have been difficult to source in the US, until now.

You'll learn how to get to the bottom of issues rather than masking symptoms. You will find a number of resources that can be brought to your alternative practitioner as options…to be explored together.

All this packaged in a simple, easy-to-understand format that gives you power over your health choices. The information is straightforward and compares available protocols.

For a limited time, this First Edition comes with a FREE companion book, THE ALTERNATIVE CONTINUED, Secrets to Success. With purchase, you will receive a link for this easily downloadable bonus book with an additional 150+ pages of extended descriptions of remedies and practitioner protocols.

This is your opportunity to learn the benefits of alternative, holistic medicine, take control of your healthcare, get to the bottom of what's ailing you and learn alternative options available to you.

Inside this book you'll discover:
•Insights to little-known therapies
•Solutions for achieving a new level of health
•Protocols rarely revealed

The Following Is a Taste Of What You'll Get:

•Treatments for Addictions
•Protocols for ADD/ADHD
•Answers for Nagging Arthritis
•Cancer protocols you may not know exist
•Help for Chronic Pain
•Therapies for Depression
•Shingles Treatment Protocol
•Help for Urinary Tract issues
•Varicose vein treatment options


«The best person to heal you is YOU and I created THE ALTERNATIVE to be your guide.»
— The Author

You can be in your own authority by taking control of your health and peering over the fence to a more natural way of life.

If you already embrace a holistic lifestyle you will be pleasantly surprised with the tools revealed in this book that can be added to your knowledge base. I have even included a chapter on how to create your own home pharmacy.

Be empowered in your health choices by taking action today to learn a new way to be the best you can be.

Homeopathic, Holistic, Alternative, Integrative, Natural health methods may be the answer you have been looking for.

«It can be liberating to transition from a system of medical management to self-directed health and wellness.»
-The Author

Statements made in this book have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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