Dreams and Nightmares, Ruben Guajardo
Ruben Guajardo

Dreams and Nightmares

340 printed pages
Most people are fortunate to have lived a nightmare once, but in order for Detective Tulane to solve a mystery, he will have to endure the agony, one more time. A very complex man, he believes that things happen for a reason. However, it’s this reason that his beliefs will be doubted; his reputation criticized, and his motives questioned. Soon, he will be overwhelmed with the horrific deaths of his loved ones. For the first time in his career, all that he’s become, and all that he believes, will be left with uncertainty. His quest for knowledge, his obsession for the truth, will reveal his worst nightmares, but to solve this mind-boggling investigation within an investigation, he must be open to new experiences and allow his keen sense to take him beyond his wildest imagination. For if not, he too will be engulfed, leaving a regrettable void of un-forgiveness.
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