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Natasha Madison

Tempt The Boss

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262 printed pages
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  • Čučuk Stanashared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up
    🌴Beach Bag Book


  • Christian's butterfly 🦋has quoted2 months ago
    “You think we can get a dog and train him to bite my boss?”

    “Yes, I think you just need to bring a picture and a sweater with you to training school so they can use his scent. They’ll train the dog to attack your boss as soon as he gets close.”

    Gurrrlll 😭😭

  • Christian's butterfly 🦋has quoted2 months ago
    “You like him?”

    My eyes snap open as I turn to her. “No! No, I don’t. Absolutely not. I don’t like him at all.”

    She giggles as she takes another sip. “He hit my freaking car, Kay, and then the asshat asked me if I was drunk,” I plead my case. “Drunk at fucking eight a.m.”

    “He’s gotten under your skin! There hasn’t been anyone who’s pushed you this far.
  • Christian's butterfly 🦋has quoted2 months ago
    Why can’t your husband get them?” I hold my breath as I wait for her answer. My stomach starts to burn, my chest tightening at the thought of her going home to someone. Then, just like the she-devil she is, she glares at me.

    “I’m divorced,

    Awwww looks like someone's jealous 💀🤌

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