E. Norman Kimble

Master Plan

Master Plan started as an idea developed through teasing my small stepchildren as they were growing up and, subsequently, their children (my grandkids). Master Plan takes a fictitious and humorous look at answering the question, Where do kids come from? And with all the things going on all over our planet today, it’s easy to argue that some conspiracy is afoot—either by some unknown alien force or by virtue of our destruction of the ozone layer, sealing the demise of everyone to increasing heat and unreasonably cold temperatures, phenomenal weather occurrences, and all the ammunition required to feed an inquisitive but open mind. Master Plan promotes the increased love of children and strongly warns any mentally unstable person to understand the purpose and message of this book and not use it as a tool to harm some poor, defenseless child. Master Plan takes a humorous look at childbirth by answering the questions we are afraid to ask . . . or answer! Enjoy with us our take on why the world is the way it is and how we have no serious way to figure out how to fix it! Finally, ask yourself this simple question: Where did I really come from?
158 printed pages
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