Julia Theresa Kanhai


Growing up as a pastor's daughter has caused Rachael Watts to live an extremely sheltered life, even in Newark, New Jersey. All that changes as mid-summer approaches and her best friend, Jess, sets her up on a blind date. Carl Bart is a cute, sensitive, and charming accountant who works in busy Manhattan. However, his mask is soon removed as Rachael awakens from her night out in New York and discovers that she was raped. Heartbroken, the pastor's daughter deviates from her moral teaching, and in her quest for revenge, begins to commit a few crimes of her own. Eventually, her father intervenes and Rachael is forced to decide between drowning in her pain and resurfacing to face her God. Either way, someone must still pay for Carl’s evil deeds, but it may not be who you think… “Many of us have had to endure haunting events that can sometimes cause religious indoctrination and instinctive human nature to collide head on. Likewise, this story is based in truth and the way in which I chose to tell it was meant to be unorthodox and liberating.” Backslider is a fast-paced thriller with a sinful twist. Putting it simply, it is a dark masterpiece.
202 printed pages



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