Gabrielle St. George

The Gal Guide to Navigating Narcissism

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Narcissists aren't just overconfident or egotistical, they are emotionally abusive and adept at creating toxic environments. Navigating a relationship with a narcissist can take a devastating toll on your emotional health creating long-lasting trauma and, in some cases, PTSD. Being controlled and constantly manipulated can leave you feeling like a mere shell of the person you once were but the real you is still there, albeit in hiding, and she deserves to live the healthy, happy life of her dreams. Cut the narcs in your life loose, reclaim your power and remember the goals you once held for yourself. It's not easy but it's doable. You just need to be armed with information and prepare for battle. You can break free.

The Gal Guides are for smart women who have temporarily misplaced their power. The Ex-Whisperer is an expert best friend who's here for you. She's also an expert on exes. She's the Ex-Whisperer. Fact-packed, and give-your-head-a-shake relationship and lifestyle advice laced with personal confessions and a healthy dose of humour. Put the kettle on or crack open that bottle of Chardonnay and say hello to your new BFF.
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