Christian Yaste,Joe Hufanda

Open Your Mouth

Your smile and oral health are all about how your teeth look and the way everything in your mouth fits together, whether it’s a crown, a bridge, dental implants, veneers, or fillings. All of this adds up to how your mouth makes you feel about yourself—your self-image. All too often people are not informed enough going in and don’t know the right questions to ask their dentist to ensure a treatment plan is optimal for their needs, wants, and wallet. No two dental patients are alike, and with enormous strides in the nature of dental practices, technology, and materials, settling for one-size-fits-all dentistry is not necessary today. Open Your Mouth: How the Right Conversation With Your Dentist Can Change Your Life is geared toward members of the Baby Boom generation and their unique dental needs and desires, showing them how to navigate the world of dentistry.
115 printed pages
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