Ira Williams

Find the Black Box: Prevent Needless Hospital Deaths

200,000 preventable deaths each year in the US healthcare system is like having 20 Boeing 747 airliners crashing each week. Things are bad in our nation's healthcare delivery system; people are dying needlessly in hospitals every single day. In Find the Black Box, author Dr. Ira Williams provides a thorough discussion of the American healthcare system and its inherent problems, offering solutions to create a healthcare system that works.

Williams presents a host of facts to show the inadequacies of current healthcare as he answers these questions:

• What has always been missing in our nation's healthcare delivery system?
• Why have current efforts failed to change the system that will continue to fail?
• Why are some of these efforts highly questionable, if not illegal?

Find the Black Box explores the truths behind the continuing increase in medical errors and explains how healthcare in the nation is unorganized, dysfunctional, and chaotic. Williams shows how better healthcare is possible.

397 printed pages
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