Jordan Priestly



For generations, the game of chess has been loved by individuals around the world. It is particularly interesting to know that chess is one of the very few games that does not require the player to be a specific age, or have specific skills, a physique, or even meet a certain fitness level.

As long as you are interested in the game, either for professional reasons or otherwise, you will find significant information within this book to give yourself a jump-start on the game of chess.
Unlike many other sources, you will not be left without an explanation, as I attempt to provide information about every move, rule, logic, and strategy. My aim is to ensure that you, as an absolute beginner, do not have to worry about “what to read next” after you have completed this book.

From the history of chess, to chess notation, opening, middle, and endgame strategies, this book will provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a competent, and even formidable, chess player!

70 printed pages
Original publication



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