Elliot Silvestri

Perfectly Average

I was perfectly average in every way, even in having a kink.

Having a kink isn’t bad, but when it’s a desire to be in chastity all the time it can be difficult.

I laid my kink on the table for Jessica after we had been dating a month. She went with it. I have no idea why. She just asked that she not have to do one thing. It was an easy request to honor.

I was thrilled.

And then we went on to break every rule we set for ourselves. It was more fun than we would have guessed.

Originally published in four parts.

This is a 40,000 word erotic novella that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions male chastity and pegging. It focuses on femdom sexual dynamics, anal sex,  explicit sex, group sex, multiple partners, risky sex,  complicated sexual relationships, and other sexually explicit themes and language that not all members of the public will enjoy.  

All characters are 18 or older.



“You can’t be serious.”

I looked at Jessica. My stomach was already tight because I was so nervous but I pressed on anyway because there was no reason to waste time on a relationship that had no future.

“I told you I was serious. Now it’s your turn.” I waited expectantly.

She looked down at the object I had placed on the table. Maybe it wasn’t a conscious choice, but she had hidden her hands under the table so she wouldn’t be tempted to touch it.

I knew I was dumping a lot on her, but what was she expecting? We were six weeks into a fairly intense relationship and if she wasn’t going to participate in my kink then I wasn’t going to waste any more of my time or hers.

“I don’t think I can touch that,” she said finally.

Disappointed, I looked at her face. Her eyes were wide open and projecting shock. My eyes were drawn to the little birthmark on her right cheek. It was an imperfection that was both sexy and intriguing to me.

With a sigh, I stood up. This was it. The end.
136 printed pages
Original publication



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