Dejah Rice

Houston Lovin’

Everybody looks forward to their 18th birthday, right? It's the most carefree time of your life, right? Well, when it comes to both Winter and Houston that is so WRONG! Winter and Houston have lived in the same group home for years. So, they're pretty used to having to share their birthday with each other. Even if they haven't said as much as 10 words to each other over the years.
On their 18th birthday, that all is forced to change when they both find themselves out on the streets and homeless after being kicked out of the group home. Houston thinks they should stick together and find their way out in the streets as a team, especially since he has been crushing on Winter for years. He can't help but to have high hopes for them being together and starting a life together.
On the other hand Winter doesn't want anything more than to get away from Houston and find her own way out on the streets. But, it doesn't take her long to realize that she just may need to stick with Houston after all. Once they actually agree on teaming up, things start to look better for them right away. That is until Winter gets so caught up in following her dreams that she throws caution out of the window.
The question is will that be a bad or good move on her part? With Winter out following her dreams, will Houston ever get the chance with her that he so badly desires? Or will his love for her just be in vain? Will they make it out in the cold streets? Or will this all just end up badly for the both of them?
134 printed pages
Original publication



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