Jessiqua Wittman

The Way It All Started

Happy-go-lucky Mercy BenHadad has never had to run before. She's never had anything to conceal either, (except maybe her feelings for her princely cousin.) But now her entire family are renegades, and she's learning from the Dark Child how addicting it is to hide.
Twenty-five years after Hazael's coronation, Marna has rejected him and chosen another candidate for the throne. However, the Royal Family will not be renounced so easily. Fleeing to the Northern Catacombs, they now plot another Revolution… underground.
The Memoirs of Life series contains the following books by Jessiqua Wittman:
Book One ~ A Memoir of Love
Book Two ~ A Memoir of Mercy
Part One ~ The Way It All Started
Part Two ~ Never Would Have Dreamed
Part Three ~ Seclusion
Part Four ~ Freedom
Book Three ~ A Memoir of Hope
Book Four ~ A Memoir of Patience
456 printed pages
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