Alana Church

While The Cat's Away

After catching her teenage daughter drinking, Katherine
Swenson decided that her children could not be trusted to be home alone while
she was at a church conference. Desperate for assistance, she turned to her niece,

The Cousin:


Forced to help her aunt by her parents, who wanted some
private time alone, Cindy had barely resigned herself to a week on the farm
when her eye was caught by her delectable young cousins. Would she be able to contain her hunger? Or would the tides of passion prove to be too much to resist?

The Mice:


Dawn and Donny expected nothing but boredom while their
cousin, a bible-thumping bore who was even more conservative than their mother,
was in charge. Imagine their surprise when sweet cousin Cindy turns out to be a
sexually open young woman with an unquenchable lust for life!

Watch the sparks ignite While The Cat's Away!

~~~~~  Excerpt

The seduction

“What about Donny, there?” Cindy asked, as he came back
around the corner with the mower, heading towards the far end of the yard. “You
can't tell me he hasn't had girls drooling all over him.”


“Oh, they do,” sighed Dawn. “Then Mom sits them down for a chat, and you never see them again.”


“Too bad,” sighed Cindy. She gazed at Donny's lithe form,
pushing the mower across the grass. “He makes me feel all squirmy inside.”


“What?” Dawn asked, wondering if she had heard her cousin


“Oh, you know,” Cindy said dreamily. “Don't you? You look at a guy, and you say to yourself, well, he's kind of cute, but nothing to call
home about. But you watch him a little bit more. And before you know it, you're
all wet. Down there,” she added, nodded towards her crotch.


“And you start to wonder what he would be like in bed. If he
knows what to do with his hands. If he is a good kisser or not. If he is any
good at foreplay. What his cock is like. Is it one of those sad little
pencil-dicks, or is it a nice long thick one that you can have some fun with?”


Disbelieving, Dawn watched as Cindy pulled her skirt up into
her lap and pushed her panties down her legs, pooling at her ankles. Her pouting lips gleamed red in the late-afternoon sun, her shaven mound
glistening. Still talking, she drew a lingering finger up her slit, sighing as the tip parted her folds. She glanced over at her cousin, the swing slowly


“Don't make me do it alone, Dawn,” she breathed.


“You're crazy,
Dawn hissed. “Donny's right over there! He'll see you. He'll see us.


“People see what they expect to see, country mouse. He's
fifty yards away. Do you think he's going to be staring at our coochies from
that distance? And besides, it's so much better if he can see. It makes me feel
so hot. So nasty.” Her free hand was on her breast, gently kneading, and she cursed the fact that she had worn a bra today.


Despite herself, Dawn was getting turned on by Cindy's
blatant sexuality. Her own experience was limited to a few furtive gropes
inside cars, and one regrettable experience in the bed of Barry Fitzsimmon's
truck at a barn dance last summer. How easy it would be to surrender control to
someone so much more experienced.


“Come on,” Cindy said, her head closer, her breath hot in her ear. “You know you want to, Dawn-girl. Show your cousin your hungry little
pussy.” She shivered, and Cindy laid her lips on her shoulder, sucking lightly,
her tongue tracing delicate patterns of desire on her flesh. Fascinated, she watched as two fingers plunged into the depths of her cousin's sex, then
emerged, coated with her nectar.


As if she were dreaming, Dawn watched as her fingers drifted
towards the buttons of her shorts. She undid them, then, gasping, pushed them
and her underwear to her feet, shuddering convulsively as the warm air hit her
sweat-damp skin.


“A natural blond,” her cousin said, eying the golden curls
of her pubis. “But then, I've known you since you were born. Bet those college
boys will be happy to find that out.”


Voiceless, Dawn cuddled close to Cindy, taking comfort in her presence. Their thighs softly stroked against each other as she tried to relax enough to ease into the gentle joy of masturbation.


“Look at him,” Cindy breathed. “He's not your brother now.
Not my cousin. Just a man. Check out that nice tight ass of his. Look at those
arms. Nice and strong. Wouldn't you like to see those braced above you as he
pumps his cock into your hot little coochie?”


Dawn gasped in shock, momentarily jolted out of the spell
her cousin's voice wove about her. But as she looked, really looked at her brother, she realized how cute he was. How hot.


How much she desired him.


With a convulsive
movement, her hand ground down on her mons, sending a bolt of pleasure through
her. In response, she felt her body flush, hot blood flooding her face, her breasts, her nether lips. An urgent ache began to grow in the hollow of her
belly, and her nipples peaked, growing into tight buds on the blushing tips of her breasts. Her thighs spread wide, and she slipped a finger into her tight
channel, her thumb circling the engorged flesh of her clitoris, sending her arousal even higher. At her side, Cindy was panting, and her arm suddenly came
around her, her hand palming the warm flesh of her breast.
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