Kelly Roush

Sports Concussion and Neck Trauma

Sports Concussion and Neck Trauma: Preventing Injury for Future Generations is a must-read for all athletes and healthcare professionals. This book provides an easy to read, well organized comprehensive summary of how to recognize when a traumatic brain injury /concussion has occurred, includes step by step guidelines of how to care for an athlete with a suspected head/neck trauma, explains what treatment options are available, provides the latest research, rules, regulations, and equipment considerations for multiple sports and answers the most common questions regarding head and neck trauma. This but is a valuable insight into the danger of continuing to play with the potential head/neck injury and provides objective tools to help healthcare providers make better return to play decisions and includes the latest research and preventative techniques. This book includes interviews with experts in the field of TBI including the infamous Dr. Julian Bailes, well-known for advancing the understanding of the clinical evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive degenerative disease found in some individuals who have sustained multiple concussions. Dr. Bales was featured in the movie “concussion «by Alex Baldwin. He served as a sideline physician for the NCAA and/or NFL for 22 years and is a founding member of the brain injury research Institute. This book includes personal stories of athletes that of suffered head trauma including NFL players, college soccer players, cheerleaders, wrestlers, and bicyclists. It includes an interview of a mother of a football player who died of second impact syndrome, a father whose son was riding his bike without a helmet and suffered severe head trauma in an interview with the former US Olympic director of sports medicine and football helmet reconditioning specialist. I also provide personal experiences dealing with athletes with head trauma as I pursue avenues to find safer ways to help athletes participate in the sporting events that they love while striving every day to make a difference for future generations.
246 printed pages
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