stephen e moor

The World Class Inventors Handbook

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I’m here to help anyone with an idea, No matter how big or how small. No matter what your experience level. No matter how far along you might be in the inventing process. I’m positive I can help you, because I have developed the roadmap for inventors.

Here’s a partial list that I cover in detail:

Patents:  provisional and non-provisional and how they work in the real world.

Idea evaluation:  something that you can and must do yourself.

Market trends and product trend analysis:  how will your product fit in?

The Patent Office and you:  the role that the patent office plays in your application process.

Inventor’s notebooks:  an inventor’s best friend.

Trade Secrets:  and how they can work for you.

Trade Marks:  how they work and how they add an extra layer of protection.

Trade Dress:  The look and appearance of your product and packaging counts.

Prototypes:  will verify if your idea can be produced and is mass marketable.

Lawyers:  how to decide who’s qualified to be on your team and why?

Patent agents:  an in-depth comparison of who they are and what they do.

Inventor service companies:  should be helping you with your invention?

The law and how it will affect you as an inventor:  ignorance is no excuse of the law.

Royalty rate analysis:  how to determine what your fair share of the money is.

Licensing agreements: how they work, what you sign will determine your future.

Marketing:  it is your responsibility to know your market better than anybody.

Cold calls:  you are your products best advocate.

Three different models of how to profit from your idea.

How to decide which model is best for you.

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