Leigh Tilley


Leigh takes you on a 10 day journey of meditative vipassana retreat. 2 years after suffering multiple strokes at the age of 38, abruptly cutting short a fast paced lifestyle complete with the city job, big house and fancy car. 10 days of no technology, no talking and no connection!
Along this journey of physical and mental endurance he experiences vivid hallucinations and a rollercoaster of emotions, reflecting on a life he once took for granted.
Despite being bound, like his fellow meditators, by a vow of silence, connections are formed and personalities come through in this diary style account of one man’s vipassana experience.
Beautifully and boldly told, this is a story for anyone interested in the 2, 500 year old tradition of vipassana or curious about how a very sociable, chatty, tech-addicted guy handled sitting in silence for 10 days after relinquishing his smartphone!
Perhaps you have started your own journey of meditation and inner peace? Join Leigh as he embarks on his…
151 printed pages
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