Jim Potter

Taking Back the Bullet

This contemporary, character-driven novel is about people who are stigmatized. However, once they discover their true identities, each is empowered to begin the journey of life's purpose.
The man characters are: police officer Tom Jennings, obese as a mutant Idaho potato in a jiggling gelatin suit; James Odessa-Smith, with his schizoaffective disorder; and young Suanna Morningcloud, a person with albinism, half Nez Perce Indian and half Caucasian.
Meeting during a botched bank robbery in Prairie Grove, Kansas, they experience tragedy and trauma. Forever changed and connected, they are forced to ask, «Who am I and where do I belong?»
Taking Back the Bullet explores the themes of stigma, identity, and self-discovery. The multi-layered stories are an escape into reality.
372 printed pages
Original publication

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