Destiny's Desire

Destiny has every reason to hate men—her mother is the infamous pornstar Serena Siren, and she despises every part of her mother's flamboyant lifestyle. But all that changes when a gorgeous injured man stumbles on her remote cabin in the middle of a violent storm, and Destiny must care for him. Passion flares between them, and intrigue crumbles her resistance when she catches him masturbating. Now she's determined to learn the truth about sex, starting with a hot anal reaming that will rock her entire world!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She’d heard him come upstairs, and had breathlessly waited for him to knock on her door. Would she open it, and let him be the first man ever to venture inside her safe haven? Or would she ignore him, and have the petty satisfaction of knowing she’d annoyed him?

He hadn’t knocked. Instead, he’d waited a moment, then headed back downstairs.

She was panting, she realized, and made a valiant effort to slow her breathing.

She wouldn’t let him touch her, of course. He was a hated man, and hadn’t she sworn years ago never to let a hated man near her?

But he had been near her…intimately near…only a few short hours ago. And her hand still tingled where that hot shaft had burned into it, and pulsed against her fingers like a beating heart. So did her stomach where it had thrust so energetically. And inside…

She was a mess, she decided. And the only way to settle things was to talk them out logically. If Valen tried to cozy up to her again, she’d just explain, calmly and dispassionately, why she would never allow a man to touch her.

And that would be that.

Then she’d crept out of her room, and seen him sprawled on the mattress, vigorously stroking himself. She’d been so stunned, she hadn’t been able to make a sound. She’d only stared like a witless fool as his husky groans had echoed through the cabin, and his lean hips had arched faster and faster, like he was thrusting vigorously into an invisible body above him. Then he’d cried out in ecstatic release, and the shock of it had nearly made her faint on the spot.

She still felt dizzy, and the liquid heat in her belly was flowing through her veins like molten lava. The room felt blazing hot, and that stranger in the mirror was licking dry lips, and moaning a little with frustrated longing.

Why had she changed into a sheer nightgown? Her plush wrapper was warm, but it would be no defense against a man’s eager hands.

Why was she longing for Valen, anyway? A man was repulsive. A man’s touch was repulsive.

Wasn’t it?

But Valen’s touch hadn’t been, she recalled. He’d grabbed her wrists and held her immobile with effortless strength while his muscular body had pressed intimately against hers. His heat had burned into right through her clothes. His…

Her cheeks burned as her mind shied away from the risque word, and the vivid mental image it provoked.

His hardness, she amended, had seared into her delicate skin like a flaming brand. She could still feel the imprint of it against her quivering stomach.

She didn’t want to feel that again; of course she didn’t.

So why was her heart pounding like a kettledrum?

The doorknob turned under her hand. She didn’t remember touching it, but the door was standing open. She listened carefully. The cabin was silent except for the homey cracking of flames, and the shrill howl of wind outside.

Cautiously she eased through the doorway, and peered downstairs. The darkened living room was bathed in golden firelight. Valen was sprawled across the mattress. The silky sheet barely covered his waist; his bronzed chest gleamed like polished wood as the dappled light flickered over him.

Her mouth went dry.

Of their own volition, her feet inched forward. She could barely even hear the cracking flames over the pounding in her own ears. One step, two…
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