Mantra Gym (Free Version), Maya Wang
Maya Wang

Mantra Gym (Free Version)

Mantra Gym is a step by step guide for Males to exercise (massage, gym, therapy) their Manhood. A self-care meditation and maintenance program for male sensual organs as a regular body work out and/or during masturbation. A guide book for men to experience Prostate Massage and other sensual knowledge from author Maya Wang with knowledge and experience gathered over ten years.
In the Part One, Theory of Sensuality, with 17 custom drawn illustrations, Wang has discovered:
“The Three Levels of Orgasm (Ejaculation)”;
Male and Female share common G-spots locations, Wang has named these “Y-zone G-spots”;
Use “Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC)” to delay ejaculation in order to achieve Multiple-orgasms and Multiple-ejaculations by stimulating Y-zone G-spots and Prostate
In Part Two, iGym with 48 photographs of live models in ten courses that provide you the techniques to stimulate the manhood and prostate. It is like you are working out in a gym to build a healthy and sexy body. This is what Wang calls an iGym Guy.
30 printed pages
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