Blessing E.Bassey

Out of the Storm

You know those people for whom everything seems to go right? Most of us seem to know one or two, but they are, by far, the minority. If we examine their lives more closely, they may turn out not to have been as trouble-free as they first appear. But knowing you are among many who experience a variety of storms throughout your life does not make your trials any easier. Author Blessing E. Bassey has experienced myriad trials in her life. In her book, Out of the Storm, she shares the financial, physical, and emotional tribulations she has gone through. Bassey also explains how she let God lead her through those difficulties to a bright place on the other side. You will learn how God can help you, too, even if you have questioned and doubted him for letting seemingly bad things happen to you. When Jesus paid the ultimate price for us on the cross, it did not mean believers would never face difficulties—and sometimes tragedies—in their lives. What it did mean is that he will be there to bring us out of life’s storms. Out of the Storm will help you discover how.
84 printed pages
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