99 Signs You Are Not In The 1%

“I wish I had less money,” said no one, ever. Let’s start with the obvious: You are poor as hell, my friend. The top 1% own about 40% of the nation’s wealth in the United States while you might barely have 40 cents of a dollar in your pocket. But that’s capitalism for you. While the One-Percenters go off bathing in the tears of orphan children and sprinkling flakes of gold onto their ice cream sundaes or whatever it is that rich people do, you have to come to terms with the fact that you might have to sell off your soul to pay your taxes. But welcome to the 99%, where the game is the economy and most of us are losing, but at least we’re having fun… right? In 99 Signs You’re Not in the 1%, S.m. Torres, fellow 99-Percenter, lays it out the cold hard truth of how the struggle is real when it comes to money (or lack thereof) in our wallets. From affording rent to buying underwear in bulk, relish in the camaraderie that is the 99% Life.
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