Eve Gilmore

Go Paleo?

Is eating like our hunter-gatherer forebears the healthiest diet we can have? And is it possible, or sustainable, to eat like this in the 21st century? Naturopath, clinical nutritionist and CST and CEASE Practitioner Eve Gilmore has been researching the links between diet and specific health problems for more than 20 years while working in private practice with patients with complex, long-term conditions, and training health professionals in natural medicine. In Go Paleo? she looks at the problems associated with ‘civilised’ foods (refined carbohydrates, dairy, grains and legumes), reviewing the evidence for the benefits of avoiding these and replacing them with traditional foods. Given most of us are unable to go hunting for our food in the wild — and our modern cravings for filling foods and sweetness — Eve has developed the Urban Caveman diet which will deliver the benefits of: Reducing inflammation; Avoiding degenerative diseases; Building and maintaining a healthy body; Reducing the effects of ageing — while satisfying our 21st century expectations.
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