Kirk Posadas

Tips for a Backpacker: Enjoying the Scene On a Budget Philippines (North and South Cebu)

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in tune with nature!
This will show you how to go on the outskirts of Cebu like you never have been before.
Discover the wonders of nature on its best preservation and enjoy them at the least cost possible!
This book lets you tour around the Philippines particularly in Cebu with a detailed description on how to enjoy the places without spending too much money.

In this book, you can find some notable points on:
Best way to get there
Places to see and enjoy
Where to stay and rest

Download this book now and have a handy guide while visiting the majestic beaches and modern places and enjoy your stay while having to spend a little!

You can use this book if you want:
A virtual guided tour on what places to see and its corresponding prices
Ample information about ins and outs of Cebu
And a little bit of history

If you are a backpacker or just plain adventurous, get this book and have the fun time in Cebu the right way!
15 printed pages
Original publication


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