JD Belcher

Hades' Melody

When a recent college graduate with a smoking habit is called to serve on the board at his local church, he immediately struggles with separating his public and private lives. His fantasized ideas of religion suddenly become dangerously real as he's enmeshed in a perfect storm of events which leads to, of all things,spending three extremely paranormal days behind bars. When it's all said and done, it seems as though he has entered through the gates of hell and been released to the flip side of life.

There, friends and family often appear as enemies and everyone speaks using a strange, coded lingo. With a mind full of problems, but no solutions, he tries to navigate in this bizarre new world, experiencing strange phenomena on the highways, unnatural episodes during house visits and hospital stays, and futuristic visions while at sea. He journeys across the United States trying to get home, veritably touched by a host of eclectic men and woman along the way.

Hades' Melody is a remarkable coming-of-age memoir which unabashedly explores abandonment, solitary spirituality, prophecy and the dark songs of language. It's a spectacular narrative that delves into the psyche of an individual searching for answers during the subtly explosive dawn of a new era.
324 printed pages
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