It Takes Stugotz: Do You Have the “Balls” to Jeopardize Everything You Cherish and Love?, Balz Onchin
Balz Onchin

It Takes Stugotz: Do You Have the “Balls” to Jeopardize Everything You Cherish and Love?

223 printed pages
An extremely candid, raw and humorous view of marriage and the decision to potentially cheat on your spouse. You will gasp and laugh while contemplating the decision to cheat. This book is not for everyone. It is not a biography, rather the author’s opinion and overview on a very sensitive and prevalent subject. The author has a warped sense of humor and it comes to life through this book. It is candid, raw and tells the hard truth about infidelity. Some will find it incredibly funny, some will gasp when reading it and some readers will do both. There is a men’s and women’s version in this one book. The men start on one end and if you flip the book over, you will be in the women’s version. They are nearly identical but there are subtle differences. The book speaks directly to the reader and nothing is sacred. You will be entertained and educated on the taboo subject of adultery. Keep an open-mind while reading the book and you will come to appreciate and understand what the author is saying.
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