Lesley Robbins

Our Awesome God Made the World

Do you want to know what happened after God made the world?
Our Awesome God Made the World tells the stories of people like Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses and, of course, Jesus. It gives an overview from “In the beginning…” until today. Ideal for young readers or for parents, grandparents and caregivers who love to read to children.
A must for every Sunday School Library, Primary School, Kindergarten and Community Library.
“Lesley has re-written many of the favourite Bible stories we know in a format that is easy for children to read and understand. It will appeal especially to children between 5 and 10 years. Her book is one that carries God's heart and encompasses both old and new testament stories.” –Pip
«This book is an excellent short version of the Bible that kids will love. It captures key stories from the Bible from beginning to end in a great storyline.» –Sharlene

40 printed pages
Original publication


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