Joseph Richard

The Demon Emblem

In nature there exists the concept of entropy: random changes that once done, can not be undone. There are times that the world changes in such a way that it can never go back to the way it was before.
He was a fighter by birth and a soldier by profession. Combat was his sport and bloodshed was all he ever knew.
She was born to nobility and raised a student of the magic arts. She lived by the spell book, but her passion was the way of the knife.
His world went up in flames in a single day, while hers fell apart in a couple of nights. He was on a mission that went off course, while she was on a mission that took an unexpected twist.
The world would never be the same once they met each other, but that was the least of their concerns when they were fighting for their lives. Now the fate of the world hinged on one thing.
295 printed pages
Original publication


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