Sonja Strode

Doctor Sonja's Bitches Brew: A 'Telling' Journey Through Music Spaces

What threads could possibly stitch together wide-ranging music spaces?

Here Dr. Sonja Strode tells a magical tale sewing together her links in an inter-connected world of musicians.

On a music-packed journey, like Taliesin's salmon her 'telling' flips its way back and forth places in Wales, London, and the Midlands for the most part, as she lifts the veil on music spaces full of leading lights and others less well-known.

London in the 60s proves to be a significant shaping 'moment' in her thinking about music and musicians, as well as other aspects of living culture.

The music-making melting-pots of the Midlands and London in the 60s and early 70s absorbed Dr. Sonja and her musician husband into an alchemical chain of musicians, many of whom are now key players on the world's music stage. Others, albeit lesser known, make up those mesmerising, vibrant, and often innovative music-filled spaces in our local communities.

Offering us some of her special 'brew' often sprinkled with humour, she muses over her life, participation in, and love of music from the 50s to the present day.
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