Joseph Andrews, Volume 1

The Don Quixote of 18th century England
“Adams dealt him so sound a Compliment over his Face with his Fist, that the Blood immediately gushed out of his Nose in a Stream. The Host being unwilling to be outdone in Courtesy, especially by a Person of Adams's Figure, returned the Favour with so much Gratitude, that the Parson's Nostrils likewise began to look a little redder than usual.” – Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews
Inspired by the masterpiece Don Quixote de la Mancha, Henry Fielding, in his satirical novel Joseph Andrews, mocks the 18th-century English society and its high-praised heroic writings of the time by creating a dreamer and a naive much like Don Quixote. After being dismissed by the widow of his former master who tried to court him unsuccessfully, Andrews sets up on a journey to find the love of his life, Fanny. In his journey, he meets faithful friends as well as many shams, thieves and vile enemies.
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