King or Pawn?, Hugh Robertson
Hugh Robertson

King or Pawn?

Did the world's most famous playboy prince become a king and then a traitor?

King or Pawn? — Volume One of the dramatic saga The Fools' Crowns — weaves fact and fiction as dramatic events unfold. King Edward VIII is forced to face a terrible choice — his throne or his love. The King, the Royal family, courtiers, politicians, diplomats, friends, enemies and spies all play a part in a drama that rocks a nation and an empire.

From Buckingham Palace in London to the Chancellory in Berlin; from the King's retreat in Windsor Great Park, Fort Belvedere, to Hitler's mountain lair at Berchtesgarden, the intrigue unfolds.

Was the King no more than an immature and naive hedonist whose self-obsessed adolescent nature was swayed by flattery? Or, ominously, did he see his future with Wallis Simpson, his wife and queen, and he the monarch of the kingdom of a united Great Britain and Germany, created and ruled by Adolf Hitler's Third Reich?

Was the King manipulated into abdicating because he and his lover were a threat to the very country of which he was monarch? Was he a traitor or a mere pawn in the great game that was leading Europe and the world to war?

459 printed pages


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