Sean Boyne

Sold Into Marriage

In 1973 a sixteen-year-old Irish schoolgirl was sold into marriage by her father. Her groom was a farmer almost four times her age. Despite a pre-nuptial agreement guaranteeing that there would be no sex, her husband raped her repeatedly. He also beat her.

Although she made desperate pleas for help, the legal system, the police and the clergy failed to come to her aid. Sold into Marriage is the story of that girl's loveless marriage, as told to journalist Sean Boyne, her rape, subsequent pregnancy and suicide attempt and her eventual escape to London and freedom.
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    Shomashared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Thank God marrying off daughters against their will stopped!!

    b8453669534shared an impression2 years ago
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    Антонина Липаковаhas quoted2 years ago
    I just couldn’t do it, Nuala. I couldn’t wake up beside that thing in the morning, drunk or sober

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