Tracey Odessa Kane

Left Handed Poetry from a Right Handed Poet

Sometimes, in order to find your way, To begin to see the light, You have to pick up the pen and find something more, Using the hand with which you don’t normally write. You see, this life that we all live, it’s a breath-taking, heart-breaking thing; a conundrum of epic proportion, and that’s just on its most average of days! It is a sonnet that never ends, a painting that we will never live long enough to see completed. It is a story we will never get to read the end of, a ballad we will only ever remember in part and thus hum in childlike fashion. And yet, it is completely, irrevocably, spellbinding and beautiful. To live the life you dream of living, to be your best you, you’re going to have to do something different, something that you’ve never done before. What will you do? Where will your journey truly begin? Perhaps it starts here, when you begin reading this book, when you walk in my shoes for a day.
39 printed pages
Original publication


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