Patricia Livingston


The strong opening chords of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” announce the season of Advent. From the Latin words venio, meaning “come,” and ad, meaning “to,” Advent means “coming to.” The curious energy of Advent is the waiting for something that has already happened, the looking for something that is already here. It is both right now and not yet. Christians sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” yet Emmanuel means “God is with us.”
Author Pat Livingston believes the best preparation for this celebration of the coming of our Lord at Christmas is to deepen awareness of God's presence every day, to pause in the “right now” so we can see evidence of what is already here and what is yet to come. The passages found in Daybreaks act as doorways to the Emmanuel reality and help readers notice doors opening of their own. Everyday occurrences are transformed into moments of prayer and meditation.
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