Mark Fellowes,Nicholas Battey

30-Second Evolution

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Adapt or die: it’s nature’s most famous imperative. But how does evolution actually happen? It’s too slow to see, but it’s going on all around you, all the time. Even if you’re on top of the key terms — variation? Natural selection? Parent-offspring conflict? — you still need some context to put them in. From populations to speciation and polymorphism to evolutionary psychology, here’s the one-stop source for all you need to know.

Evolution unlocks the laboratory of life, dissecting it into the 50 most significant topics that provide the missing links to understand the natural world’s four-billion-year ancestry and the process of natural selection in which species either adapt in myriad ways — mutation, ingenuity, and intelligence — to meet the challenges of a changing environment, or die. Unravel the development of living organisms, at micro and macro level — from genes to geniuses.
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    Evolution by natural selection made humanity; evolution by culture will complete it.
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    Around 1.8 million years ago Homo erectus adopted a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and spread out of Africa and into Asia. The next few hundred millennia witnessed the evolution of the Neanderthals in Europe, the Denisovans in Asia and in Africa, about 200,000 years ago, Homo sapiens. This last species spread out of Africa and by 60,000 years ago reached Australia; 40,000 years ago they reached Europe and 15,000 years ago arrived in South America.
    ☁️ ursula ☁️has quoted4 years ago
    Hominins Hominids that are genetically closer to human beings than chimpanzees – Homo sapiens is the only extant (living) species of hominin.

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