Melissa Perry Moraja

Get the Vibe

Get the Vibe! is a superior new thought process on attracting and creating positive change in your life! Get the Vibe! is a down-to-earth hands-on practical guide that not only teaches you how to find that energy to start and finish your have to’s, but also your want to’s. In reading this thought-provoking book, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to take and shape your personal energy and the energy vibe in your surroundings into an energy vibe that sets the stage for you to begin getting the most out of your life. Melissa's breakthrough theories can be used in business, relationships, and at home to improve productivity, increase morale, build self-awareness, and achieve goals. Get the Vibe! gives you the knowledge and tools to take this thing called an energy vibe and use it to get the most out of your life. The energy vibe that this experiential book focuses on is learning how to use three common everyday tools—color, music, and the power of the mind—to achieve your goals, improve your productivity, increase your morale, enhance your relationships, and create your own personal brand image. Through this experiential book, you will learn the fundamentals of how energy works and the power behind your mind’s vibe. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you will begin your journey of discovering your personal color and music vibe. From there, you will learn how to use them to begin shifting your personal energy and the energy of your surrounding’s to set the stage for creating the positive change(s) you desire. In addition, Get the Vibe! goes one step beyond just learning about how to use color and music to shift your personal vibe and the vibe of your surroundings. It also shares how to take care of your personal vibe—the invisible energy that every living creature, object and thing emits. In this hands-on experiential guide book, you will: •Learn how to increase your productivity •Discover how to improve your relationships •Uncover what you are attracting, and why •Create a personal brand image •Discover the subliminal messages you are sending to people
110 printed pages
Original publication


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