Nicola Nichols

A Sendoff For Young Soldiers

Pleasure and patriotism make a grand combination.

Dropping her soldier son off at the airport to head for his new assignment, she runs into one of his old school friends. He’s also a soldier too, and about to leave for combat. She offers him a ride. When they stop for a drink, he comes on to her and the idea turns her on.

They go to her room for hot sex. Later he tells her that two of his buddies are adrift in town as well. Having tasted the forbidden fruit of one young stud, she invites them to the party.

Giving these warriors a lusty sendoff turns into an amazing night.

How does a hot cougar mom follow that act?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“I'll be fine, mom,” Bud said. She wrinkled her nose but managed to smile before she looked over at him.

Of course, he would say that. He was in the Army now, needing to assert that he was a man, make his mother realize he was all grown up. And he was already bigger than his father — over six feet tall and proud of the muscles that he’d developed in boot camp. He’d become a reasonably handsome young man.

She sighed. All the kids he grew up with were adults now. That fact, when it slapped her in the face, still gave Stella a bit of a shock. Kids who had been skinning their knees falling off trikes and playing football yesterday were suddenly going off to other countries — some to war zones. Most of Bud’s friends were in the Army too.

She stopped the car in front of the departure zone. Bud hopped out, eagerly, grabbed his duffle bag, and then kissed her cheek. “I’ll be fine,” he said again. She smiled, then she watched him, walking proud, as he disappeared through the security checkpoint.

When he was gone, Stella felt an overwhelming loneliness. It had come on when Bud went to boot camp, but she’d known then that it was only for a few weeks. Now he was going off to Iceland, for Pete's sake — for two years. She'd never heard of anyone going there before. It had something to do with cryptography — Bud was a technician, in electronics.

She shook her head, trying to clear it. The problem was that the lonely feeling lived in the pit of her stomach, not her head.

With nothing left to see, she got back in her car. She'd go back to the lonely hotel room for the night. She'd driven down for Bud's graduation from specialty school and to see him off. Tomorrow she'd drive back to the lonely house she shared with his father — the big deal guy who couldn't get away to see his son. Of course, that man, as she thought of him these days, couldn't get away for anything unrelated to business, especially family.

As she walked out of the automatic doors to cross to the parking lot, she saw a familiar face. “Carl Thompson, is that you?”

The young soldier turned around and gave her a startled smile. “Hello Mrs. Roberts, it sure is. It's Corporal Thompson now, though.”

She smiled at his desire for her to see him as a soldier, a man. Well, he had certainly developed into one. He had the build of a powerful man. He’d been in school with Bud, but he’d grown up even more. In short, he was hot. “I thought you were in the same unit as Bud. I just saw him off to Iceland.”

He shrugged. “I was, but I flunked out of the specialty school. I never had the academic ability Bud has. But I'm big and do well with physical stuff.”

She stared at his body and felt a rush. I just bet you do. That this young man turned her on was unsettling. He was Bud’s age.
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