Carley Dawson

Mr. Wicker's Window

313 printed pages
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    Анастасия Зоркольцеваhas quoted5 years ago
    "So—" Mike swallowed. "So I said I was there about the job, an' do you know what he said? He said"—he went on without urging, but with a frown of perplexity ridging his forehead—"He said, 'Turn around and look out that window, son, and tell me what you see.'"
    Mike stopped and looked at Chris with a comical expression. "Everybody knows what's outside his window!" he burst out. "Of all the silly things! But I turned around and looked, like he told me to, and of course there was the traffic goin' by, and trucks, and cabs, and people crossin' the street, and the freeway overhead, an'—you know."
    "So what did he say?" Chris asked, and for the first time that day the heavy weight he carried within him lifted and lightened a little.
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