Laura Lovecraft

Hard Lessons

Sara likes to tease her students. Dressing inappropriately, strutting around the classroom flaunting her body. When they look at her, it feeds Sara's dark fantasy of being taken by a group of students who punish her for being a tease. When Sara catches two problem students who she'd lectured in front of the class texting about what they'd do to her, it’s like a fantasy come true.

Caught up in the excitement, Sara decides to embarrass them by letting the class know they think she's hot, then threatening to expel them to teach them a lesson and fuel her own fantasy of making students want to make her pay for her behavior. But when one of the students catches Sara in a place she shouldn't be, it’s the teacher who's going to be taught a lesson, a hard lesson: the lesson of ‘be careful what you wish for.’

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Sara spotted a DVD featuring a woman standing on a desk, exposing her breasts. “Stripped for the Class.”

She snatched it up, wondering how many women who liked them were actual teachers?

Did a lot of men buy them remembering that one hot teacher it seemed every guy had at some point? Why did she care? Because she was obsessed at this point.

Obsessed enough the movies were going to set her back over $150, and she was fine with it. What she wasn’t fine with was hearing Tonya say good night and seeing her heading for the door.

Sara made her way out of the aisle, but stopped. What was she going to do, ask her to go back just to ring her out? Tonya waved. “Night, T will be out in a minute.”

Sara returned the wave and headed up to the counter hoping T was a woman.

No, that was ridiculous, she was a grown woman and shouldn’t care what a guy thought about her for buying porn. She put the movies on the counter and noticed a basket of DVDs marked 3for $10 on the floor. Seeing “T” hadn’t come out yet, she bent down and fished through the movies.

She didn’t see anything she liked and straightened up.

“Oh my god!” She blurted when she found herself staring at Troy behind the counter.

“Holy crap!” Troy’s expression mirrored hers, except he wasn’t turning red and she doubted he felt the sharp stab of fear in her stomach she was experiencing.

“I…” Sara had no idea what to say.

“Miss Jenks!” Troy’s surprised look shifted into a nasty smirk. “What brings you here?”

Come on, say something. “Just what everyone else is doing here.”

“Just buying some porn?” The smirk grew wider.

“I changed my mind.”

“Let’s see,” Troy scooped up them up.

“Put those down!”

“Nope, I want to see what floats your boat,” he lifted the first one. “Stripped for the Class. Interesting choice.” He held it up and turned it to the side pointing at the women on the cover. “I do see a resemblance in the chest department.”

He held the next one up turning it to the side. “Field Trip Blowbang?” He whistled. “Wow, that’s hardcore.”

He put it on the counter. “I’m impressed, I thought a stuck up snot like you would be a dud.”

Troy looked back at movies in his hand. “Bound Gang Bangs 5.”

He held it up before scanning it, why did he keep doing that?

“Hey, look there’s a school gang bang scene in this one too.”

He dropped it on top of the others as she stood there, her face flushed with a mixture of anger and humiliation.

“Hard Lessons 2.” He tapped the case. “I think you said hard lessons to me today, didn’t you?”

“It’s a common expression.”

“And this was held aside for you, meaning you ordered it.” He repeated the process of lifting it to eye level before scanning it.

“Thinking about it while you slutted around class?” He slipped the movies into a black plastic bag.

“Watch how you speak to me. I’m…

“In a lot of trouble when I go to the Deans office and complain my teacher dresses like a slut, teases the boys, and buys student teacher porn. I think he’ll be concerned you’re mixing business with pleasure.”

Sara tried to remain calm. “You don’t have any proof.”

“How about you take a look up in the corner next to the office.” Troy’s smile was triumphant, and she saw why he’d been holding up the movies.

A video camera.
127 printed pages
Original publication



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