Don Trimble


Organizations exist in the world that are attempting to subject mankind to the domination of one-world government for the single purpose of exerting their will of total control on the world's population far beyond that penned by George Orwell in his book 1984. The reasons for a one-world government are obscure and undefined except by those who would be in command. Hampton Squires is a member of two very powerful organizations that would combine with other one-world advocate associations to become the agency running the world dynasty. But what good is this ultimate power if your expected life span is only eighty years? Squires is in his sixties; he needs a fountain of youth.

Squires' pharmaceutical companies have searched for the secret of youth for over forty years, spending billions of dollars to control the aging process; their research has managed to add three years to the average life span.

During an oil exploration flight, one of Squires' pilots discovers a large pile of interesting boulders in the northern Sahara Desert, lands, and finds the ruins of an ancient people. An archaeological team sponsored by Squires confirms the pilot's suspicions and, in the process, discovers what may be Squires' “fountain of youth.” However, before the team can discover how to maintain youthfulness and share the information with Squires, they perish in the Sahara.

With the news of the archaeological team's disappearance, Hampton Squires gives no thought to the families left behind before enlisting Doctors of Archaeology, T. and Renée Mansfield, to finish the exploration and to bring back to him what they learn.

The Mansfields are not prepared for what they find; they are equally not prepared for the life and death threat that pits their survival skills against would-be assassins. Hampton Squires will stop at nothing to obtain and control the knowledge hidden among the Sahara boulders. And the Mansfields will stop at nothing to make that same knowledge available to all mankind.

HYBRIS pits evil against good, control against freedom, and disease and early death against the primal desire to live a long and healthy life free from unnecessary governmental intrusions. Is there a winner, or does everyone lose?
360 printed pages


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