Katherine A De Bois

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Absolute genuine, solid honest girl friend advice about your awful relationship. After Katherine experienced a traumatic relationship, and maneuvered through the healing process, she inadvertently learnt knowledge and skills which empowered her to stand up, rebuilding herself stronger and happier than before. The Girl who Roared trilogy relates the mystery and complexity of that struggle. The Warrior of Flaws, self help series are filled with personal experience and genuinely compassionate thoughts and feelings that are now used to help others navigate their emotional storms with more understanding and self awareness. Written from personal experience, there is no judgement but every page oozes genuine empathy, advice and love. Self help or give it to a friend, this is truth and reality that all your girlfriends want you to hear. You deserve to live your best life with a partner who treats you like the precious unique wonderful being which you are.
94 printed pages
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