A.B. Darling Little

First-Time Sitting

Lucky loves and respects his Alpha, and if one of the conditions of being his most trusted wolves means taking care of his Alpha's precious pup, then he is honored to do so.

Except he has no idea what he's doing half the time. What is he supposed to do when she starts screaming bloody murder and demanding that she bring back her 'Daddy'? He's pretty certain that he should not be panicking, but all he manages to do is deafen himself in one ear as he lifts her into his arms and try his best to soothe her, rumbling and purring as he heats up her bottle in one hand and tries his best not to drop her.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Sticky,” she frowns at him when she's done making a mess of herself. There's food everywhere. There's even honey in her hair and a chunk of pancake on the top of her head and she's somehow managed to spill a good half of the milk down her chin. She's frowning at him like it's somehow his fault she doesn't know how to eat like a proper lady.

“Yes, sticky,” he agrees with a tired sigh. It's not even noon yet and he already feels exhausted. He doesn't know how Alpha handles it— handles her. He has to stop thinking of her as 'it'. One of these days, he's going to slip up and his head will turn into an 'it' as it rolls out the door. “Sticky baby,” he hums, relishing in the bright smile she gives him in response to the phrase.

She makes grabby hands at him and he surrenders his fate to her, leaning down to let the wrap her sticky arms around his neck as he picks her up.

“Sticky babies get baths,” he tells her quietly, hoping she would understand what he means and that would mean less tantrums later.

“Bath!” she screams in his ear and he goes partially deaf.

There is a sort of heady pleasure in how easily she appears to trust him already, clinging to him tightly and burying her face to his neck as he carries her towards the bathroom. He gets the water running and puts her on the changing table so he take off her sticky clothes, but she seems to think it as a game, pushing her hands and feet at him like she's trying to simultaneously push him away and also fall over the edge and hit her head to give herself a concussion.
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