Paa Durham Tetteh

Critical Look at Salvation

God wants to rescue you from the consequences of your sins. He doesn’t want you to perish and has gone to great lengths to do what is necessary for you to get to Heaven. If a crocodile tells you what is in the river, it will be unwise for you to challenge it. Therefore, Jesus is the only one in the position to tell us how to get to Heaven, not a man, a church, a pastor, or any religious leader.

“How can I get to Heaven?” This is where the problem starts. Heaven’s answer is written in the Bible pages, but we are in days where people feel their opinions matter more than Scriptures. Many are busily doing things for God that He did not initiate. If you do not listen to what Jesus says, where will you end after you die?

Where will you be right now if you were to die? If you cannot answer this question within seconds, then there is a problem. It is either you do not understand what salvation entails, or you have been deceived, or you far from God. Jesus loves you and wants to help you now and in the life to come. Is it prideful for someone to say, “I am on my way to Heaven”, or is it humility to say, “I am not sure if I will go”? Did Jesus complete His work on the cross or didn’t?

In this book, Paa simplifies the excellent news and debunks the various myths surrounding eternal life. You will understand why Jesus is the centre of salvation and how going to Heaven is not as complex as you man has made it.
141 printed pages
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