Caron Lazar,Patricia Ann Leahy

The Market House of Fayetteville, North Carolina

The Market House of Fayetteville, North Carolina is a building of controversy.
While to many it is the site of many important events in North Carolina including the ratification of the Federal Constitution of the United States of America. To others it is an architectural gem that is listed on the Historic Register. However, to many others the building represents the pain and suffering of slaves and the unresolved issues of race in America.
This small book sets out to layout both the history and events of the Fayetteville Market House as well as to find the truth to the question as to whether it was in fact a slave market.
The author realizes that her conclusions will not either change the mind's of those who hold the building as a precious historical landmark nor will it ease the pain of those feel the ongoing pain of their heritage and the experiences their ancestors suffered. She does hope that she has honestly tried to find the truth and present the facts while holding the sensitivities of all parties close to her heart.
49 printed pages
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