Painted Skies

D.F. Renton is an established travel writer with six best-selling books and a reputation for producing dazzling prose. But he also has a past, one that weighs heavy, one that he can’t readily recall. When a woman from that past, the woman he loves to distraction, calls him back, he can’t refuse. His best friend needs him, she says. He can’t be reached. “Only you could ever reach him. Only you.”

But if he is to save his friend he must first remember and in doing so face some painful truths that threaten to tear his soul to shreds. And once that’s achieved, he must risk everything to see it done. His love and his sanity are put at risk, placed on a bargaining table at the top of a hill that bears his own name.

This is a novel about the Sixties set in the Eighties, a novel about life’s lessons and its rewards, a story about love beneath a painted sky.
590 printed pages
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