Dejah Rice

Fighting For This Hood Love 2

The cartel has always been about power, money, respect, and family. When your family demands respect, earns money, and gains access to power, things are bound to get out of control. This is one finale that only gets crazier by the page.

When Cataleya first walked into the world of the cartel, she was blinded by the lavish things around her. Things quickly changed once everything started to be revealed for what it really was, one by one. Before Cataleya could even fully grasp what was going on, she found herself behind the gun that was pointed toward her brother and lover. The choice that was given to her was to pick one to kill. If she didn't, they both would be killed. Hearts are racing, adrenaline is pumping, and the time is ticking. Her desire for love and craving for change has led her down a path that she can't turn back on.

Will Cataleya be able to make a decision on her own, or will her heart have to decide for her? Will her actions provoke the cartel and cause things to get murderous, or will they carry her farther than she ever expected to go? She may be the heart of the cartel, but is that enough to stop her from fighting for her hood love?
162 printed pages
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