Akon Margaret Kalu

My African Restaurant Adventure

My book is prescriptive to process change, and it outlines strategic thinking about market competition. It is a vital tool for restaurant owners who wish to embark on a practical approach to achieve growth and branding of food. The book highlights areas for improvement that might work and what may not work and explains how to avoid setbacks and pitfalls in the restaurant business. It is about what to expect each step of the way, with suggestions for putting theory into practice so as to gain acceptance from the mainstream in the food industry. It is a narrative aimed at revolutionizing African food, weaving traditional cooking with contemporary remixes and infusions. An illustration of more effective approaches to helping achieve optimal dining experience, this book can really help ethnic minority food entrepreneurs, from pop-ups to restaurant owners, see things from a diner's perspective to understand what can be done to improve service provision. Other food outlets can use my book to address ongoing issues of central importance to food and nutrition. There is an underlying message encouraging food entrepreneurs and management to build successful food businesses, especially in this new era of constantly evolving tastes that require quick branding of African food. It addresses many challenges faced by these eateries at home and in diaspora. The discourse is about ongoing struggles to succeed and rank among the mainstream. Hopefully, my book will appeal to food businesses as a useful tool to target the market and audience, as well as eliminate setbacks and pitfalls. This book isn't about providing a solution to any of the problems facing restaurant owners; instead, it is what I will describe as a very useful tool to facilitate change.
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