Stein Broeder

The Business of Trust

We have a trust problem.

Due to the rapid proliferation of data and technology across society, a disconnect has formed between employees and customers; the organizations they service and those that service them. This is causing an erosion of trust. Given that trust is the single most important asset of any organization, that's a problem.

However, there is good news on the horizon. Pioneering business leaders and organizations have begun leading a charge to restore trust. The Business of Trust explores how thought leaders are rebuilding trust and uncovers insights you can apply across employee and customer experiences.

In this book you'll discover:

The economics of trust and how it translates to the bottom lineWhy employees are your most important customersThe three trust drivers that will have the most impact

This book is for working professionals looking to better understand how trust shapes their organization. Building trust is a journey with no end. It will be built; it will be lost, and it will need to be built again. This book is just the beginning, your trust-building journey starts now.
196 printed pages
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